Tween Bedroom

Rye Brook, NY


So we are almost done with this fun tween room!!

I am so excited with how it turned out, we are just about there! was this look acheived for under $600??

We had to work with the lavender and white walls, which were in great condition so that was easy!

We also had the bed and dresser, the rest was baron.

The desk was purchased from It originally had oil rubbed bronze hardware, but the price couldn't be beat. 

We went to and purchased the silver hardware to match the silver dresser hardware, easy fix!

The fun M initial was an purchase.

The colorful lamp was find.

The bedding was with a 15 percent off coupon, it was very reasonable.

The bean bag chair was BIG JOE"s or you can find on or even

The mirror was a homegoods purchase! Great FIND by client via a Skye call, I approved :)

The awesome fun rug was a We wanted rectangular shape but they only had round left and the client LOVED the rug as did her daughter so we made the round work and it looks great!

Working on  getting some shelves for the walls and a valance for the window and then we are DONE!!

The "tween" is very excited and just loves her new room and mom is even more excited because we came in at $600!

The valance and shelves will be another $100, still putting us AT budget.

This room revamp was totally affordable!