Beach House Bungalow

Belle Harbor, NY

Budget is 3k

We have a VERY small beach apartment! It is actually in my mothers house so its such a win win when we visit, free babysitting and her delicious cooking!

However, we are only there in the summer so needless to say we weren't looking to invest a ton of money into this space. In addition, we rent it out on occasion so it had to also look very nice!

So... I designed this space which WAS a studio into a one bedroom apartment, albeit small, but who cares when it is 2 houses from the beach right???

My budget for this reno was 3K. That was it. A wall was added to make it a one bedroom and painting those were the big cost factors.

The rest was decorating!

I achieved this fun beachy look all on line by going to Bob's furniture,, for the sleeper sofa, the side table was a used trunk that I put peel and stick design on purchased from

The rugs are from

I purchased PILLOW COVERS from for the pillows that the couch came with, which is a quarter of the price of a regular pillow.

I purchased bedding from during a great sale, the trundle bed was a find! The side

table next to bed was an purchase!

Plus all the other things! I actually came in just under 3K for ALL of this!

Renters absolutely LOVE the space and feel that is the perfect beach, fun, clean, practical, beach getaway

I can help you achieve a fun affordable beachy design!