Recent Projects

When I realized I had to furnish the WHOLE house I sort of freaked out! My budget did not call for what I wanted BUT I was able to do it...How?? I sourced out everything you see here all at a discounted rate.

All of my go to sites are affordable and fit every budget. I also worked with some things that I had already. This is another way to update a room, work with what you have. A few simple pieces can go a very long way.

The sites that I went to were mainly,, wayfair .com ,,,,,,,, the list goes on and on!

I essentially did not to go to one store.

The ONLY pieces purchased in person were the couches b/c we needed to feel if it was comfy! There are so many places to shop online, you just have to have the patience!I

Always purchase from places that have a good return policy, that is key. For me designing and decorating with great deals is a HUGE WIN.