How To Do An Affordable Gallery Wall

Everyone likes to display pictures of their families right? A great way to do so is a gallery wall.  Also super trendy :) 

I recently discovered the mixtiles app which is great! However, it’s not super budget friendly it can get pricey fast, depending how many you get. It is a definite option though. 

The most affordable way is to purchase frames of all different sizes from amazon, Home Goods or Michaels. Make sure they can be WALL HUNG, Michaels has the best selection! Then print pics from shutterfly. You can get pics for .49 to .99. Place pics in frames and then hang! The hanging can be tricky. I make a square with painters tape and place strategically all with in the square.

Another great inexpensive way to make a gallery wall is by using mixtiles! Check out the app on your phone!

I space each picture about 3 inches apart.

There you have it, a beautiful gallery wall for under $100.00! 

jt navillusbriana