How Spray Painting Can Make A Huge Difference

Room3 (8).jpg

I bought an end table that was on sale for 200.00 from 600! SCORE!

It was bright white and did not go in the room which had grays and blues.

It stood out, This was a non refundable item of course so I thought to spray paint! It was a metal material so it was able to hold the paint. You must check the material before you spray paint anything.I went and got the can of paint for $8.00 and VOILA!!! it looked great!

Another great tip is PLANTER POTS! the ceramic kind you buy at Home Depot, they can be spray painted. if you don't like the terracotta just grab a can and spray away! Saves you money!! The ceramic pots are priced very reasonable!

jt navillusbriana