The GOLDEN Wedding Anniversary! Number 50!

We hosted a dinner for my in laws 50th wedding anniversary and had 18 people over.

I had to decorate the table on a budget, which  I love to do!

I allowed myself $100.00 to decorate for a 50th wedding theme, which meant GOLD and yellow roses ( according to google :))

I researched the flower and color for the BIG 50.

The yellow roses were fun for the time of year also, October. BONUS!

I had the mason jars, which I highly recommend investing in for $20.00. They can make great decor for any sort of occasion.

So...I bought 4 dozen roses for $15.00 a bunch at the local supermarket. I also purchased some baby's breath with greenery leaves for $10.00.

I bought jute twine, yellow ribbon and gold votives with teal light candles from for a total of $25.00

Grand total of $95.00, came in right under budget!

The beauty of these purchases, is that the flowers lasted for a week so it was nice to have them in the house.

The jute twine I will uses again for Christmas and will last for a while. The gold votives I can use again for Christmas too!

Gold always spruces up a room or décor.

When decorating on a budget and finding affordable options, I always think about longevity and how it can be utilized again.

Another, very affordable way to get this look is to purchase faux flowers and do this all with faux pieces.

I personally prefer fresh, but faux definitely can work also! The great thing about is it is one time purchase and

can be used over and over again. Genius!

Govind Dubey